If you do not have this 3 drinks, you are doing it wrong!

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What should you do for the last night of freedom? From fun cocktails to wild shooters, find the perfect drink for a great night before the big day! We summarised 3 must have drinks for your day to be complete!



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If your bachelorette doesn’t start at noon with a delicious brunch and pitchers of bottomless mimosas, You are doing it wrong!

– Orange Juice / Cranberry Juice / Pink Grapefruit Juice
– Champagne / Sparkling Wine

Pour Champagne into a flute and top with the juice of your choice.
The drink will mix, you don’t even need to stir it!

Sparkling Rosé Jello Shots

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Jello Shots are a s**t-ton of fun. They are deliciously devilicious and what’s best about them? – They keep you sufficiently boozed!

– 2 Pack 25oz Unflavoured Gelatin
– 2 Cups Rosé Champagne
– 1/2 Cup Gin

Pour 1 Cup Rosé and Gelatin into a pot, let the Gelatin bloom for 2 minutes.
Put mixture over medium heat and stir till Gelatin dissolve, do not boil.
Add remaining Rosé and Gin into the mixture.
Divide mixture into mould and let it sit in the frige for 4 hours.
BOOM, There you have your jello shots!

Mind Eraser


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What happens in a Bachelorette Party, stays in the Bachelorette Party! Seal the deal with the finale drink – Mind Eraser. The fiancée won’t ever need to know.

– 1 Oz Kahlúa
– 1 Oz Vodka
– 1 Oz Soda

Gently Pour the Kahlúa, Soda and Vodka in the sequence listed into a glass.
The drink should appear in layers, do no stir.
Use a drinking straw to drink till all layers gone.


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