Decors Setup Instructions

Balloon Garland

Garland instructions copy

Paper Pom Pom


  1. Tie the string snugly around the paper pompom.
  2. Fan out one side of the paper pom.
  3. Gently pull the strip of tissue one by one, make sure the first few pieces are pulled out full to almost 90degree or the inner fluff would have a harder time fluffing up.
  4. Repeat step 3 till one side is fully fluff, and repeat step 3 for the other side of the pompom.

Paper Lantern

Lantern Ola Memoirs

  1. Place the expander into the paper lantern with the hook at the top.
  2. Pull the paper lantern up gently.
  3. Place the convex triangular wired portion into the eyelet carefully to avoid breaking the paper.

Foil Balloons

Foil Balloon Ola Memoirs

  1. Locate the filling tab.
  2. Insert straw given in the decorations kit into the filling tab.
  3. Blow into the end of the straw to fill the balloon.
  4. Withdraw the straw and pinch the filling tab to seal.

Confetti Balloon

Instructions Confetti Ola Memoirs

  1. Rub the confetti pre-filled balloon to create static.
  2. Fill the Balloon with air.
  3. Rub the balloon with either or [A] Dry Cloth [B] Fur [C] Hair [D] Carpet to create static.
  4.  Confetti will stick to the side of the balloons! 🙂

Honeycomb Balls

Instructions Honeycomb Ola Memoirs

  1. Remove sticky tape.
  2. Pull the white cardboards together to stick.
  3. Use the paperclip provided to reinforce the shape.


You are ready and

all set to have fun!

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