Greenery Baby Shower Ideas

Greenery Baby Shower Ideas: DIY Theme for a Gender-Neutral Classy Baby Shower

Hosting any event requires merticulous planning and time. Sometimes it gets too overwhelming and you have no idea where to begin. Here is why we set them up in 1 place for your absolute convenience!

1) Greenery Theme Invitations

(Click here to download)

Set the theme of the party, start by matching and selecting a Greenery Theme Baby Shower Invitation Card for your guest!
Greenery baby shower invitation

2) Greenery Baby Shower Games

(Click here to download)

What is a baby shower without some funny memorable games!
Greenery Baby Shower Games

3) Greenery Baby Shower Food

You can pick food with earthy tone and a touch of green. Salad, Grapes, Tea Sandwiches, Cookies, Cheese platter! Anything you like as long as you keep the earthy and green tones in mind! Choose green grapes over Red Grapes! It is as easy as that!
Greenery Baby Shower Food

4) Dessert Table Decoration

Create the look! Be sure to add some Greenery Prints to your dessert table/ gift tables. Do not miss a single detail! You can use our Greenery Baby Shower Party Decorations Kit‘s Packaging and frame it up as your entrance and focus piece!
Greenery Baby Shower Ideas Amazon

5) Greenery Baby Shower Decorations

Ola Memoir Greenery Baby Shower

Here is the ultimate decorations kit with all you need for your elegant party!
This kit got you covered from the unique white elegant 18″ Large balloons to the gold accent confetti balloons and it even comes with faux greenery leaves and vines to complete the entire theme!

Oh Baby Shower Decorations

Full Decór Set Includes:

1 x Gold “OH BABY” Foil Balloons
5 x 18″ Jumbo White matte balloons
5 x 12″ Gold Confetti clear balloons
15 x 10″ White matte balloons
15 x 10″ White pearl balloons
15 x 5″ White matte balloons
5 x 5″ Chrome gold balloons

Greenery Foliage Supplies
4 x 13″ Monstera leaves
4 x 10″ Palm leaves
4 x 8″ Monstera leaves
2 x 6.5′ Ivy vines
Garland Accessories
16′ balloon garland strip
100 glue dots
1 balloon tie tool

Ola Memoir Neutral Baby Shower Decorations

White Gold Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Decorations Boho

Baby Shower Decorations




Get your cute effortlessly baby shower decorations here!

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