Virtual Baby Shower Guide


Are you feeling rather gloomy that your baby shower got cancelled? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

We understand that this pandemic has got everyone social distancing and visiting is not possible, but that does not mean your baby shower can’t happen! We have laid out all the steps and also included all you need for this virtual baby shower to be a blast!

Yes, we are going to celebrate the arrival of this little one! And it is in times like this, we need to treasure and enjoy the moments!

Virtual Baby Shower Ola Memoirs
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1. Who host?

It is absolutely fine for expecting parents to host their own baby shower! And that is why we are here to help. You can have a close friend or family member to help out too even when they live far away. I mean that is the whole point of a virtual baby shower right? Everything can be coordinated via text/ email/ social media!

Virtual Baby Shower Platforms

2. Choose an online “venue”

Every party has it’s tricky part – For a physical in-person baby shower, food would be the trickest portion, and for a virtual baby shower it would be video conferencing! Do not be intimidated by this. We have listed and broken down each platform and all you need to do is a simple practice!

Facetime – up to 32 friends at once / with any Apple products (Phone/ Laptop)
Zoom – up to 100 friends at once / free up to 40minutes
Google Hangouts – up to 25 friends at once / Gmail account needed
Facebook Messenger – up to 50 friends at once / only 6 people are visible at a time
Skype – up to 50 friends at once / up to 4 hours

Virtual Baby Shower Invitation

3. Send out the invitations

Where to meet and when to meet, that is the question. Set a date and time and get everyone grooving! To add on some spice to the party, you can even set a theme to it.

  • Wear a specific colour clothing
  • Don a hat party
  • Bring your own food (cookies etc) for the virtual party

You can view some of the free templates we have here or hop on to Canva and create using any template! Just type in Baby Shower Invitation!


4. Decorate the space

Everything is boring without decorations! Do you want your party to look like a conference call meeting? Just because it is virtual does not mean it should be anything less. These decorations can stay up for days and this could be a mood lifter during times like this. Make it big, make it happy!

Get your effortlessly cute Baby Shower Decorations Kit here!

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Get your effortlessly cute Baby Shower Decorations Kit here!

Explore the range of Easy, Fuss-free Baby Shower Decorations Kit here!

Amazon Baby RegistryGroup Gifting Amazon

5. Set up your online baby registries

Now is the time to set up your baby registries. Share your baby registry with your guests. Baby Registry includes all kinds of perks and Surprises like Welcome Box!
Amazon Baby Registry
Group Gifting

FREE baby shower games

6. Plan Virtual Games and Activities

What happens during the actual baby shower? You would most probably spend the first 15 minutes catching up and then into the games we go!

  • Baby Bingo
  • Guess the jellybeans
  • The Price is Right
  • Name that baby song

Get the games here!

7. Open Gifts!

Two choices – Either let your family/friends mail the item to your house ahead of time for you to open them up ion the video chat or they can “bring” the gifts to their video call and mail them over to you later. Flexibility is the beauty of a virtual baby shower!

Let your creativity flow! See the fun in this new experience. Stay safe, Stay fabulous!


Get your effortlessly cute Baby Shower Decorations Kit here!

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