3 Simple Steps to create your perfect Mimosa Bar in less than 10 minutes!


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Photo by: Carriecolbert


Who says mimosas always have to be made with OJ and champagne? Get creative, get fun! I mean who doesn’t love a mimosa at a delicious brunch! It’s not to be missed! Bonus downloads below!

Step 1: Jazz up the Juices!


Why not change up the boring OJ to blood oranges, kiwi, peach, strawberries, cranberry or even honeydew! You can choose the juices base on your taste preference, or in our case we simple chose them based on our colour preference!

Photo by: Carriecolbert

Get a few inexpensive clear glass container and pour away! You can cut up some fruit slices or up your game with fruit puree! Strawberries and Peach purees are our favourites!

Step 2: Pop the bubbly!


Pre chill your champagne, prosecco or even the flute glasses if you want icy coldness! Set them in a ice bucket and place them just 5cm away from your juices (No, we are just kidding!) Just place them anywhere near them will do!


Photo by: Carriecolbert


Step 3: Say yes to simple décors!

Doll up your table with a Mimosa Bar sign that matches your theme! [FREE DOWNLOADABLES HERE – Click here] And do not forget the juice labels! It’s the little details that complete the bar!

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Little Tips & Tricks to set up everything with ease!


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